Sociology Units 3 and 4


Sociology looks at societies and interrogates what influences people to behave the way they do. It asks you to examine everyday life and question things that you might otherwise take for granted. In Unit 3 and 4 Sociology you will explore what happens at your everyday local level as well as what is happening on the global stage. In Unit 3, you will investigate Australian Indigenous experiences, and concepts surrounding culture and ethnicity. In Unit 4, you will explore the idea of community and the power behind social movements.

Some of the questions explored in Units 3 and 4 Sociology include:

  • how does Australia‚Äôs society compare to those overseas?
  • what causes societies to change?
  • what can representations in the media tell us about the society that creates them?
  • does everyone in one community experience it the same way?

Who is it for?

This subject is for students who are curious about the world and wonder why things are the way that they are.

Sociology is also useful preparation for those wishing to pursue further studies or employment in fields that include education, social work, town planning, anthropology, sociology, welfare, social research, political science, marketing, and policy development.

What do you do?

Throughout Units 3 and 4 Sociology, you will develop skills and knowledge in understanding and applying key Sociological concepts, theories and methods of research.

You will have the opportunity to share and collaborate with other sociological thinkers through online classes, blogs and forums.

Major SAC tasks might include any one of the following: a research report, a representation analysis, a cross-cultural comparative report, an essay, a multimedia presentation, a media report, an extended response and/or a film analysis.

What skills do you need?

To be successful in this subject you will need research skills and a willingness to explore and investigate complex societal questions.

What skills do you develop?

Some of the skills fostered and supported throughout the Unit 3 and 4 Sociology course are:

  • critical thinking skills
  • research skills
  • interpersonal and cross-cultural skills
  • report writing skills
  • communication skills.



Units 3 and 4 Sociology is completely online. Regular access to online course content and online classes are required. Throughout the year, VSV may hold Sociology seminar days. These days are not compulsory but very much encouraged.

Things to think about

You can expect to spend approximately 6 hours per week working on Unit 3 and 4 Sociology. You will need to have an open mind when considering questions and be open to differing points of view.

Things you can do now

Be mindful of what is happening locally, nationally and internationally. To prepare for this subject it would be advantageous to read local and online news content to keep up to date with contemporary social issues in the media. The Conversation, The Guardian and the ABC website are all useful news media sources that present regularly on current social issues and trends.

Go to the VCAA website for more information about this subject.




Things to have a look at

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