Music Investigation Units 3 and 4


What is VCE Music Investigation?

In this performance-based study, you will investigate one music style, tradition or genre. You select your own investigation topic that is aligned with your own musical interests and passions. You will practice and perform works associated with your chosen topic, and explore relevant performance techniques, contexts and composition. You will also study with some of Melbourne’s best musicians, developing specialised knowledge and skills.

Students get to play, talk, write & think about their musical passion!

Who is it for?

Music Investigation is for students who want to explore a specific music topic of their own choice.

You will have a strong background in Music Performance, and have done Music Performance Unit 1 and 2.

What do you do?

This course will be delivered by experienced VCE teachers and supported by high quality teaching materials including:

  • interactive instructional content
  • masterclass videos
  • online classes and dedicated teacher support
  • support from a community of passionate learners across the state.

You will be working towards presenting a performance based on your Investigation Topic. To do this, you will be practising your instrument and developing technical work in conjunction with your Instrumental Teacher to support your development.

You will delve into the music of your choice and developing understanding and context through listening, researching and responding. This will then inform your own creative practise on your instrument.

What skills do you need?

  • continuity of music involvement – you could be playing in orchestras, choirs, bands, etc
  • experience with performance exams (e.g. AMEB or equivalent) is desirable
  • established music literacy and vocabulary
  • AMEB Theory exams or equivalent desirable
  • ability to read music notation is essential
  • performance experience desirable
  • students without these requirements are encouraged to speak to VSV Music Staff before enrolling to discuss suitability.

What skills do you develop?

You will develop:

  • listening and analysis skills
  • ability to plan and perform a program of works
  • research, interpretation and rehearsal skills
  • technical work skills on your chosen instrument
  • composition, improvisation and/or arranging skills in a style, tradition or genre relevant to your Investigation Topic
  • understanding of relevant contextual issues and performance conventions.



Complete the Pre-Enrolment form:

Part A: Student form (link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MUSIC-A) – to be completed by student and guardian.

Part B: School supervisor form (link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MUSIC-B) – this form should be completed by the school supervisor when appointed.

  • you need to have successfully completed Music Performance Unit 1 and 2
  • access to a suitably qualified Instrumental Teacher: if you do not have access to this because of your regional/remote status, please contact VSV staff, as we may be able to help
  • an instrument in good working condition capable of staying in tune
  • access to broadband internet capable of downloading and uploading sizeable video files
  • a place to practice
  • a video capture device with audio recording is required. This could be an iPhone, video camera or similar
  • access to a computer that can edit video and audio, as well as create music notation such as Sibelius or MuseScore.

Things you can do now

Complete the Expression of Interest form. Have a think about what you would like to do for your Investigation Topic.