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    This page provides VSV students, parents and carers with clear access to the diverse range of information that will help students to explore future jobs and career options. For additional careers information and advice, please speak to our Careers Coordinator on (03) 8480 0000.

  • Applying_for_Uni_150290501_Careers_IMG-WEBIn order to make an informed choice about what course to study and which university to apply for, students need to research options available in order to make an informed decision. Students are encouraged to discuss these decisions with parents/guardians, teachers and other trustworthy sources.

    Below you will find a range of resources to get you started.

    To attend university in Victoria you must apply through VTAC. For information on applying and additional information on courses available, please visit the VTAC site:


    Other useful sites for course information:

    Hobson Course Finder

    Course Camel

    Scholarships and Financial Assistance:

    VTAC scholarship information

    Study Assist website (federal government financial assistance)

    Alternative entry into university courses:

    Didn’t get the ATAR you wanted? Use ‘Uni Options’ to search for and learn about alternative courses that match your interests and ATAR score and that can help put you on a path to entering your dream course in the future.

    Uni Options

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    There are a range of resources available to help students learn about careers which may align with their interests and goals. Explore the following links for more information.

    Job quizzes/games:

    These sites will help you work out what careers interest you.

    Job Outlook career quiz

    Career Test

    Exploring occupations through videos:

    Watch these videos to find out more about the careers that you are interested in.

    My future job videos

    A step by step guide:

    Job Guide helps young people explore career options and make subject choices. It provides information about a wide range of occupations and the education and training pathways that lead to them.

    Job Guide – step by step

  • University education is not the preferred pathway for everyone. Please see below for information on other options available to you.



    Victorian Skills Gateway

    This site provides information about training options for a variety of career pathways.

    List of registered training providers

    Click here for a list of training providers and links to their websites. 


    Australian Apprenticeship Pathways

    Click here to learn about apprenticeship options.

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    Work Experience (W. E.) is recommended for students at the VSV who are 15 years of age or older. Generally Year 10 students choose to do W. E. however students in Year 9, 11 and 12 can also do W. E.

    W. E. allows students to get an insight into working life. Students seek and apply for their own placements (with some assistance from their Learning Advisors) and experience a working environment, find out more about a particular industry and just generally what it means to have to get up and go to work each day. They learn about safety in the workplace and how to be an organised, reliable and responsible worker. These are essential life skills that assist students in developing their future pathway plans.

    Before undertaking work experience students need to:

    • Read the rules about Work Experience (W. E.) in this link:

    A guide for Students, Parents and Carers

    • Find an employer who is willing to offer work experience. Give the guidelines to the employer (see Employer Guidelines below).

    Employer Guidelines

    • Fill out the Work Experience Arrangement Form with yourself and the employer. If the work experience involves travel with the employer, the Travel Form also needs to be completed (see links below).

    Work Experience Arrangement Form

    Work Experience Travel and Accommodation Form

    • Complete the two online Safe@work modules (See Occupational Health And Safety Modules below)
    • Print off the completed Award of Attainment Safe@work certificates from these Modules
    • Send the completed Work Experience Arrangement Form, Travel Form (if necessary), and the 2 Safe@work certificates to your Learning Advisor who will discuss the W. E. with the Leading Teacher Pathways, Leisl Morrey. You will be contacted soon after about your placement.

    Do not start the Work Experience until this contact is made.


    • The Principal approves the placement
    • A work cover file will be created
    • Information and evaluation forms will be mailed to the employer
    • You will be contacted by Leisl Morrey.

    We require about 2 weeks for the paperwork to be processed, so the possible work experience dates need to take this into account.

    Please do not undertake work experience before the paperwork is complete; you will not be covered under Worksafe.

    During your work experience you will be required to complete a journal of your activities. You will, where possible, be visited by a teacher on site.

    Good luck!

    Occupational Health and Safety modules:

    Before any Work Experience placement can go ahead students must successfully complete the Safe@work modules.

    Safe@work is an occupational health and safety program (OH&S) for students to develop their understanding of OH&S before entering a workplace.

    There are two modules to complete, both done online. The first is a general module, the second is an industry-specific module.

    For further information and to access the modules CLICK HERE 

    Completing the online modules is an essential part of the process.  The certificates are valid for one year. Work Experience cannot be undertaken until these modules are successfully completed.

    Further information for parents

    Click here to open this important information which you should read:

    Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning

    For further assistance contact Leisl Morrey, lmorrey@vsv.vic.edu.au 8480 0229.

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    Parents, guardians or family members can play an important role in a student’s career development. Students can gain a lot of understanding from sitting down and talking about their thoughts on their goals and aspirations for the future. Parents, guardians or family are encouraged to discuss advantages and disadvantages of potential pathways and discuss any options that students might not be aware of. It is important for students to feel they have an active role in their career development and a voice in this discussion.

    Career Conversations
    This link contains a useful resource provided by the Department to help you to talk to your child about what sort of career they would like in the future.

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