Just a reminder that Semester 1 reports for F-12 were made available online at the end of last term. For instructions on how to access your report, please visit:

http://www.distance.vic.edu.au/reports-students/ If you are having difficulties accessing the online information, please contact the DECV on (03) 8480 0000 or toll free on 1800 133 511. Please note that F-10 students who enrolled with DECV on or after May 5th did not receive a report. Additionally, work submitted after 6th June may not have been considered for this report. If you have a query about the reported information for a particular subject, please contact the teacher of that subject.

Across the Distance enews is the Virtual School Victoria's weekly publication which is sent to all currently enrolled students, their parents and supervisors. Current edition articles can be found on the VSV website home page. Please contact the publisher by email if you would like access to articles from previous enews publications.