Raw Organic Foods – A Powerhouse For All Elite Athletes

by Mathew B ‘Feature Article’ from his own magazine created for Year 8 English

Do you aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle and love sports? If you’re an elite athlete or on the path to becoming one, then this is the article to read!

Raw, organic foods are the best type of food possible to eat as they are from fresh produce and contain many enzymes, nutrients and minerals to fuel your body and help you become the person you want to be.

Non organic and cooked foods contain pesticides, transfat, HFCS, MSG, cholesterol, saturated fat, calories and lots more nasties. They breed an unhealthy body; make you gain weight, cause sickness or even potentially kill you. When foods are cooked they also lose their nutritional value they had when they were raw and organic. Are you really going to risk eating cooked, non-organic foods for the satisfaction of taste for your whole, beautiful life? There is a better, healthier alternative- raw, organic foods! Eating fresh, raw, organic produce will allow you to not only live for longer but will also improve your figure, overall health and stamina! Raw, organic foods contain enzymes, minerals and nutrients that will allow you to live a better lifestyle and fuel your body to regain energy for the long run!

Enzymes convert the food we eat into chemical structures that can pass through the membranes of the cells lining the digestive tract and into the blood stream. Enzymes are the living proteins that direct the life force into our biochemical and metabolic processes. They help transform and store energy, make active hormones, dissolve fibre and prevent clotting. Enzymes help balance and restore the immune system, and heal many diseases. Enzymes even help repair our DNA and our RNA. When we cook food, we destroy many of the enzymes that help us naturally digest foods. Without vitamins our cells would not function properly and thus our organs would suffer and eventually we would no longer be able to survive. Vitamins help regulate metabolism, help convert fat and carbohydrates into energy, and assist in forming bone and tissue. When you eat cooked food you destroy most of the vitamins that are helping us develop and become an elite athlete. When foods are cooked, many of the minerals are destroyed or altered, rendering them useless and also unable to assist vitamins in developing us and allowing our bodies to function to their full potential.

We all know junk foods can be addictive. They’re tasty, delicious and leave you craving for more. Well they may be tasty but did you know that these yummy foods are potentially killing you! Junk food is highly processed and fills you up with empty calories but starves your body of healthy nutrients and draws you right towards a disgusting food diet. Junk foods do not have the essential vitamins that your body needs to function properly unlike raw, organic foods which enliven and empower your body! Eventually a diet high in processed junk foods starts to show on the outside of your body and starts having serious consequences on your health. All of the junk people put inside their bodies eventually becomes visible in the form of skin rashes, acne, dental problems, thinning bones, puffiness and an unfortunate weight gain that is visible to everyone. Processed food also have artificial ingredients usually containing preservatives, colourants, flavours and texturants. These are all harmful chemicals that are slowly killing you and debilitating you which can be detrimental for an athlete. Junk food is also extremely high in deadly trans fats and processed vegetable oils. Thy also contain Phosphates which destroy organs and bones quicker than you think. So why eat all these junk foods that could be potentially killing you and weakening you body, brain and muscles? Why not eat clean, raw, organic fresh foods that will do the complete opposite of what junk foods do and actually make you live longer, get stronger, faster and many steps closer to becoming an elite athlete!

Athletes of all sports can thrive and perform successfully at an elite level by following a raw, organic food diet. As an athlete you eat foods for energy. By eating raw, organic foods, you are able to absorb the essential nutrients from these foods to then be converted into energy. The fact is, that without the important and vital enzymes that are derived from raw, organic foods, your body has to produce them on its own. Basically the more your body has to produce the less energy you will have to perform your sport and ultimately to maintain your overall health. Raw, organic food equals optimal performance!

So many elite athletes attribute their success in their chosen sport to their raw, organic diet which has allowed them to perform at their peak. Venus Williams who has won numerous tennis grand slams completely changed her diet to raw, clean food and fresh juices. Suffering from the autoimmune disease, Sjogren’s syndrome, the switch to healthy, unprocessed foods has greatly alleviated the symptoms of this debilitating disorder allowing her to continue playing elite tennis. Kate Pallardy who has been a marathon runner for many years swears by the health benefits of her vegan diet, claiming it helps with her running by making her faster and fitter.

You’ve now seen just how effective a raw, organic diet can be for athletic performance and a healthy lifestyle. By eliminating processed, cooked foods and incorporating raw, organic foods into your diet, you’ll have better digestion, absorb more nutrients and vitamins, prevent injury and increase your performance as an elite athlete. Live healthily, fuel your body with the powerhouse of nutrients, minerals and enzymes that is ORGANIC, RAW FOODS!

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