winterYear 9 student, Ashley, recently entered the Wimmera Regional Library Corporation 2015 Writing Competition. He entered a poem and a short story in the Teen Category and did exceptionally well. His poem ‘Winter’ won second place and his short story ‘Death row’ was highly commended. Congratulations Ashley on behalf of the DECV school community. We look forward to your next writing piece!

‘Winter’ By Ashley, 14

 Huddled under the old steel bridge,

No place to rest, no place to sleep,

Whilst others nestle inside warm homes,

I struggle to survive all on my own,

Sparsely covered with a mouldy sheet,

My body fights to retain the heat,

The winter wind blows against my cheek,

Bitterly cold, I can barely speak,

Winter time is savagely bleak,

When you’re homeless underneath a sheet.


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