Harnessing innovative teaching and state-of-the-art technology to allow real-time, authentic learning

Helping students and teachers connect, collaborate and learn through new online and face-to-face options.
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What is virtual learning?

Virtual learning allows all students to connect, collaborate, interact, learn and create. At Virtual School Victoria our students learn through online courses, real-time online classes and face-to-face communication.

Is Virtual School Victoria for you?

Virtual School Victoria exists to meet the educational needs of Victorian students whose circumstances prevent them from accessing mainstream schooling. In order to directly enrol with us, students must fall under one of the five enrolment categories: medical (physical), medical (social and emotional), travel, sports/performance, distance or young adults.

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Need to complete a single subject or two not offered at your school?

Virtual School Victoria is also for students wishing to maintain their current enrolment in a mainstream school. At VSV, students can complete one subject, or two subjects for those in years 11-12, that are unavailable at their school or not available due to timetabling clashes or other issues.

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