Year 9 Health and Physical Education


The Year 9 Health and Physical Education course has been developed to address a wide range of topics which impact on your daily physical, social and mental wellbeing.

In Health, you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in responding to a range of different situations that you may be presented with throughout your life. You will explore concepts such as food and nutrition, goal setting, identifying character strengths and identifying successful strategies on how to build positive relationships.

In Physical Education, you will develop your skills and knowledge in a range of different games and activities, and develop your own training programs to address personal fitness goals. Student’s will engage in the physical activity component adhering to the National Physical Guidelines. Students are encouraged to post images / video clips as evidence of their participation in the online forum known as the The Gym.

What do you do?

Activities you will engage in include:

  • online quizzes
  • posting comments to a topic-directed forum
  • posting to The Gym forum e.g. photos / video clips of your physical activity sessions
  • documenting and examining your daily food intake with relation to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
  • completing a personal motivation questionnaire and evaluating the results
  • exploring different case studies based on real-life issues such as sportsmanship, resiliency and relationships
  • using a decision-making template in relation to different health-related issues
  • producing a guide outlining local community resources available for the promotion of physical activity
  • regularly documenting your physical activity sessions using a Physical Activity Journal e.g. pulse rate, level of intensity
  • engaging in the Pedometer Challenge which involves a daily goal of 10,000 steps
  • involvement in the Premier’s Active Families Challenge
  • using technology to record physical activity e.g. pedometer
  • engaging in circuit-based activities
  • using apps to record physical activity

What skills do you develop?

You will develop skills including:

  • research skills
  • case study analysis
  • observation and detailed record-keeping skills
  • increased proficiency using technology
  • ability to make informed and independent decisions about your own physical, social and mental health
  • progressive development of fitness components through exposure to a variety of individual sports and recreational activities



You must have access to the internet in order to access this course. Weekly work will be completed and submitted online.

Things you can do now

Go to the VCAA website for more information about this subject.





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