Year 8 Student’s Poem Commended in Australia-wide Prize

DECV students had the opportunity to enter the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition this year. We had some great entries from students in all year levels. One of our students, Tia M. of Year 8, was recognised by the judges with a Commended prize for her poem, The Inside.

The judges described her poem as having “simple but powerful imagery. Very nicely understated”.


The Inside

Your breath so faint, though you still hear,

The flick of a light switch so small,

How your ears focus on the click.

And so, the moans and cries that belong to the wind,

The distant howling of a dog, how you hear,

However, my screams are foreign to your ears,

That live so very next to you.

Notice all that you touch,

However, notice not the scars that embrace my body,

Notice not the dry tears that take my sight away,

Notice not my thoughts, darker than your blood,

Deeper than your dreams,

You are blind, how you can see.

No soul may read past my words,

They grow too twisted and thick,

For your ears to accept.

Seek my shell,

Not my inside,

Nor the dark pools that lay printed on my skin,

Nor the eaten holes of flesh,

Their smiles burnt,

Their whispers stabbed,

How no blood was spilt,

Because it was only on the inside.


Tia M., Year 8.

The winning poems can be seen by clicking here.

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