Year 8 Mathematics


In Year 8 mathematics you will study the topics of Data, Geometry, Measurement, Finance, Linear Algebra, Chance and Patterns and Algebra.

The topics will be introduced and explored with online quizzes, Mathletics activities, forum entries, videos, interactives, projects and online lessons using Adobe Connect.

What do you do?

You will be incorporating both the online learning environment along with written work required throughout the topics and projects. You will use a range of differentiated activities throughout the topics to enhance your learning and engagement in Mathematics.

Along with Mathletics activities, online quizzes and forum posts, you will develop analytical skills and solve real-life scenarios in their projects.

What skills do you develop?

You will be working with your teachers in an online setting. A wide variety of formats are used to help you with your studies, including online quizzes, Mathletics activities, forum entries, videos, interactives and online lessons using Adobe Connect.

You will also be displaying hand written worked solutions throughout the course when guided.

The variety of learning spaces in which you will work will provide you with an understanding of how you can measure your own understanding of new ideas.



The entire course, projects and Mathletics activities are online. A reliable internet connection will be required for successful completion of this course.

Things you can do now

Go to the VCAA website for more information about this subject.