Year 10 English


The Year 10 English course is designed around the concept of discovery. Year 10 is an important educational landmark as students complete their fourth year of high school and prepare to enter the senior years. In this course, you will be discovering the world of the young adult through examining contemporary films and literature, classic novels, short stories, philosophical ideas and political ideology.

In Semester One, the focus is on your identity, place and heritage in Australian contemporary society. Australia’s past, present and future are examined through film, current issues based research and fictional and creative texts. The novel for study this semester is Cloudwish by Fiona Wood.

Students complete a range of creative tasks including writing a short story, poem and making a short film. An important element of this semester is a module on Indigenous Australians, which includes a study of the film The Sapphires, and writing and presenting a speech on current Indigenous Australian Issues.

Semester Two, moves into the wider world where you will discover and learn about why Shakespeare and other writers’ insight and wisdom are still significant in the present. Opening your worldviews about the past, present and future includes reading non-fiction texts about personal adventures of discovery and challenge, short texts and excerpts about sport and explorations in space. Futuristic worlds and dystopian societies are a feature of Semester Two as you consider the future of society in an increasing technological and robotic age. In this semester, the texts for study are Macbeth by William Shakespeare and Animal Farm by George Orwell.

What do you do?

You will complete a variety of analytical, research and creative activities. This will include:

  • writing creative and non-fiction texts
  • making a photo story and a short film
  • constructing info graphics and writing articles
  • writing and recording a speech
  • reciting a soliloquy from Macbeth
  • develop and improve your essay writing
  • writing poetry and song lyrics
  • forming opinions about issues like space exploration, footballs role in society
  • learning about dystopian societies
  • blog and forum responses on texts and current issues
  • thinking challenges and self-reflection
  • participating in online lessons.

You will also develop your oral skills by reading sections of a play and delivering a speech.

What skills do you develop?

Reading and viewing

  • improving skills and knowledge in literacy
  • learn to interpret, analyse and evaluate a range of different text types
  • watching and analysing film as text.


  • improving skills in sentence construction
  • essay and creative writing
  • grammar and constructing a variety of texts for various audiences.

Speaking and Listening

  • improving skills in oral presentations
  • utilising persuasive language techniques
  • communicating confidently with others in a variety of different situations.

Critical Thinking

  • improving critical thinking is an important skill for the 21st century learner and in the workplace. Making reasoned, logical decisions and judgements through analysing, assessing and developing reflective practices when examining information is incorporated in a variety of assessment tasks and activities in this course.


Oxford Australian Paperback, Dictionary 5th Edition Bruce Moor

Semester 1:
Cloudwish, Fiona Wood

Semester 2:
Macbeth: The Graphic Novel, plain text version, Classic Comics

Animal Farm, George Orwell

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