music styles seminar

On Tuesday 7th March the walls of DECV vibrated with the sounds of Africa!

Adzohu, led by leading Australian expert in the Ghanaian drumming traditions, Chris Lesser, gave an informative and vibrant session with our VCE Music Style and Composition students in Unit 1 in preparation for the Music in Africa unit in their course.

Accompanied by drums such as the ‘sogo’, ‘kidi’ and ‘asimivu’, the members of Azohu, originally from twi and ewe tribes in Ghana and mandingo tribe in Guinea, West Africa played, sang and danced their way through the session. The students present also had a chance to play four instruments themselves and also learnt the ‘language’ these use.

Many of these musicians come from families of top musicians in their country where they themselves were held in high regard. The ‘kora’ player from Guinea was from a line of family members who perform for royalty.

It was an unforgettable experience and one which provided a unique insight into one of the oldest traditions in the world. The students certainly enjoyed it, putting on a performance in the DECV courtyard when helping the band carry instruments to their van.

VCE Music Department

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