Industry and Enterprise Units 1 and 2


Industry and Enterprise prepares you for effective workplace participation as well as exploring the development of enterprising behaviour, leadership and innovation in different workplace settings, and in the context of significant issues faced by industry. You will develop work-related skills by actively exploring personal career goals and pathways. After completing the relevant occupational health and safety (OH&S) induction program, you will demonstrate the practical application of your work-related skills by completing at least 35 hours of structured workplace learning in both units.

Who is it for?

This subject is for students that want to develop both personal and work-related skills through structured workplace learning.

What do you do?

Students will be watching videos, completing quizzes, researching companies and industries and using statistics to make assumptions. Most of the activities are based in the real world.

What skills do you need?

The skills you need to begin this subject include being curious about the world of work, as well as general researching skills and writing skills.

What skills do you develop?

Studying Industry and Enterprise enables you to:

  • understand, develop and demonstrate work-related skills in order to participate effectively within local and global settings
  • develop personal career goals and pathways
  • use experience from appropriate community and/or work settings to develop personal values in relation to work
  • develop individual enterprising behaviour in personal, work, social and community settings
  • consider the extent and importance of recent innovation in Australian industry
  • consider the development of enterprise culture in community and/or work settings and its potential impact on Australian industry
  • develop an informed view about changes occurring in Australian industry with reference to emerging issues, new perspectives and future challenges which have a direct impact on work.



You must have access to the internet in order to access this course. All weekly work will be completed and submitted online.

Things to think about

A key feature of this study is undertaking structured workplace learning so we recommend that you start thinking about your future career and plan what steps to take to get there. This might include looking for workplaces that will employ you and teach you about the organisation, and the expectations of being an employee in that industry.

Things you can do now

You can have a look at some career profiles of people that work in the field.


Go to the VCAA website for more information about this subject.

Things to have a look at

Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority Study
Design for Industry and Enterprise 2019-2023.
Youth Central

Youth Central is the Victorian Government’s website
for young people aged 12-25, with great information, including:

  • how to find a job
  • study and training options
  • moving out of home
  • getting your driver license
  • travelling around Australia or overseas
  • managing your money
  • your rights as a young Victorian.

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