Geography Units 1 and 2


A student of Geography learns to be a critical thinker whose approach to the subject is based on a worldwide vision. You will learn to analyse and discuss global trends and phenomena.

The study of Geography is a structured way of exploring, analysing and understanding the characteristics of places that make up our world. Geographers are interested in key questions concerning places and geographic phenomena: What is there? Where is it? Why is it there? What are the effects of it being there? How is it changing over time and how could, and should, it change in the future? How is it different from other places and phenomena? How are places and phenomena connected?

Who is it for?

This subject is for you if you:

  • enjoy learning about the world
  • enjoy hearing educational stories about other countries and cultures
  • want to learn what is going on not only in Australia, but in all parts of the globe
  • like to get out and about to do fieldwork investigations
  • like to study the physical world around you
  • want to learn about travelling and what the world has to offer.

What do you do?

Activities you will engage in include:

  • live Geocasts with teachers and other students
  • fieldwork investigations
  • map use, interpretation and analysis
  • simple Mathematics
  • source and data assessment
  • collecting, sorting, processing and representing data and other information.

What skills do you need?

To be successful in this subject you need research skills and essay writing skills.

What skills do you develop?

You will develop skills including:

  • geospatial technology
  • mapping
  • critical thinking
  • data analysis
  • analytical writing.




You must have access to the internet in order to access this course. All weekly work will be completed and submitted online.

Things you can do now

Go to the VCAA website for more information about this subject.