Reminder: Video Auditions for F-12 Awards Day are Open

Don’t forget to submit your video audition for DECV’s annual F-12 Awards Day. The event will take place on Monday, 17th December, 2018, at the Ivanhoe Grammar Performing Arts Centre. The exact time of the Awards Day is yet to be determined, however performers will be required to arrive in the morning for sound check and rehearsal.

Your video audition will be considered by a panel of DECV teachers to determine which acts will be selected to perform live or have their video played on the day. It is important to note that the performance can be played as a visual item on the day for those students who cannot attend or who are collaborating with other students from different locations.

The sky is the limit on what your talent might be, so surprise and thrill us with your audition. We hope to choose performances from each section of the school (F-6, 7-10, 11-12). Group performances and collaborations such as a singing group, band or dance group are highly encouraged.

The criteria that needs to be followed is:

  • Video submissions must be of the act you will perform/play on the day
  • Length of performance should be between 3-5 minutes


Auditions will close at the end of Term 3 on Friday, 21st September. Performances will be confirmed in the first week of Term 4, and all who apply will be notified.

We will require all music/soundtracks or videos by Friday, 30th November if you are chosen.

We can’t wait to see what talent you’ve got to show us!

To submit your performance, please click here.



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