Year 8 Arts Inquiry Students investigate Op Art in Module A. For Week 1 they are asked to create an OP ART inspired Artwork and poem in response to Bridget Riley’s-Descending Artwork. Here is Sienna V’s wonderful response.bridget riley

Bridget Riley Descending 1965

Open Ended
The flowing curves and rigid lines are confusing to the eye.
To say I understand this art would definitely be a lie.
It may be ripples in the sand?
Maybe a bird’s eye view of country land?
Or imagination drawn with the hand?
The stark colours are so bold and strong.
It looks so simple but then not for long.
The perpetual lines and curves glide and slide.
While the harsh edges stumble and fumble.
This picture has a 3D effect creating an illusion.
If you stare at it for long enough there’s all kinds of confusion.
It has a disjointed pattern making an abstract piece of art.
This artist is very clever they are also quite smart
And I know their art comes from the heart.

sienna yr 8

Op Artwork by Sienna V (Year 8)
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