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Poetry Award – Miranda Plowman

Year 7 student, Miranda Plowman, has just received an award for poetry that was published in the May edition of Oz Kids in Print. The poem was on the theme ‘Freedom’ studied in Year 7 English.

Miranda came to DECV in Year 4 and has been interested in poetry for a number of years. She won her first poetry award at age 10!

I interviewed Miranda to find out exactly where this passion came from:

miranda and allira

Allira: “When did you first start writing poetry?”

Miranda: “I started writing poetry in my head when I was little, I didn’t know that was what it was.   Spelling and handwriting was very hard for me in grade 1, 2 , 3 and it still is!   So mum or dad started to write down my sentences when I was young, they said it looks like poetry and it was.  Then I got an IPad and started to be independent with my writing.  I had a very hard time at school, it was like a warzone so expressing my feeling/concerns in written words was very powerful as it created images of what was going on.”

Allira: “I know you really like Emily Dickinson’s work; aside from her are there any other poets who inspire you or whose work you love reading?”

Miranda: “I am so impressed with Shane Koyczan poetry – To This Day poem and How to be a Person).  When he uses spoken words, you are transported into his world.  I also like the poet – Michal Maoz (favourite poem – The Alien in Me) and Roger Stevens (he has a website called Poetry Zone and I really like all his funny stuff).”

Why I like to write or learn about poetry – Miranda Plowman

Poetry has no constraints.  I can use any writing techniques I like (e.g metaphors, similes, alliteration, repetition, rhyming etc) that provides a lot of choice.  There isn’t a right or wrong way to do a poem.  My only rule is to be honest in a poem – show true emotion otherwise it isn’t worth reading.  The reader won’t connect with the words or understand the story being told if you are not sincere.  I love learning about language and words with Allira – my current teacher.  I love the discussions we have as she makes me question my thought process which makes my writing better.  (And I have still lots to learn).  I wrote this poem ‘Freedom’ as I was thinking about what that word could actually mean.  I wanted a blunt unexpected ending in which it got you thinking about the connection between freedom and choice.

I also remember my teacher Helen Stearman at DECV telling me that punctuation blurring and rule breaking can happen in poems so that attracted me to poetry even more (as sometimes I like to do my own thing).


Miranda came to DECV to receive her award and copy of the magazine.

miranda p

This year I have had the pleasure of not only having Miranda in my English and Humanities class, but also in my Student Support Group. I have learned a lot this year working with Miranda and she always ask questions that keep me thinking and learning as a teacher.

Year 7 English and Humanities teacher, Allira Scott


You can view the May edition that includes Miranda’s poem online. Entering poems into Oz Kids is free! To learn more go to: www.ozkids.com.au

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