Launch Pad


All students enrolled in Years 3 to 10 participate in Launch Pad, an orientation and assessment program. All students will complete this module prior to starting their learning program.
Launch Pad will be completed in the first two weeks after you enrol. It provides you with a sense of community at the VSV and within the online learning environment. The tasks which you complete in Launch Pad provide your VSV teachers with information about your interests and abilities, so a customised learning program can be developed that is appropriate for your learning needs.

At the completion of the Launch Pad module, you will have a firm understanding of your place at VSV and our expectations of you. You will also be able to easily identify your teachers and important support services at VSV. You will be introduced to all facets of the online learning environment and be provided with the skills they require to effectively learn at the VSV.

What do you do?

You will work with your Learning Advisor to complete Launch Pad and prepare yourself for the academic year ahead. You will:

  • learn how to use the VSV online learning environment
  • get to know your teachers and other students
  • test your literacy and numeracy abilities
  • plan for the year ahead
  • become familiar with the wellbeing or careers services offered.

What skills do you develop?

Topics you will cover in Launch Pad include:

  • study habits
  • research techniques
  • cyber safety
  • ICT skills
  • making a timetable
  • planning for study and careers.




Access to the VSV online learning environment is required.