josh kitten

Josh, Grade 6 – (I am doing this so that I can hopefully get a new kitten. I am writing this to my dad because he does not want one, so I am trying to convince him. So let’s get started.)

Hi Dad,
I have been missing my cat Chilli.  I feel empty and alone and I need a little friend who will always love me. I would be ecstatic if you got me a new cat, one that will love me like Chilli did.
I sometimes come across his toys lying around, where he left them hidden and I think of him.  It makes me sad. But if you will get me a new kitten he could play with the toys and I would be happy to see him play with them.
He was my reading buddy. When I read, he would come and sleep on me.  It was the best. I loved  reading so, so, so, so, so much!  I still love reading but he made it better.
He was always there for me when I was sad or angry.
He made me laugh. He was so funny and happy.  It is like he made happy energy come off him.     I had some great times with him.
He loved me so much.  I think I was his favourite.
He was so fluffy and cute.  I still love him so much.
He talked to me when I had my insulin set changes done.   He made me feel happy doing anything.
He was and is still the best cat anyone could ask for.  I am not trying to replace him I just want a new friend that will always love me no matter what happens.
R.I.P Chilli.  It’s been five months since he has been gone.  I loved him with all my heart.
P.S.  Kitten season is right around the corner!
I would like a kitten that looks like this!


Chilli, my fur-ever friend.
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