Increase your job prospects and apply for this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Nichola created this “Help Wanted” ad in response to Module D English (Year 8): Heroes and Villains


Heroic Help Wanted

Do you feel strongly about doing the right thing?

Would you like to improve the lives of others?

Do you have excellent fighting and athletic skill?

Are you brave and willing to risk your life?

Well we have the job for you.

The evil Dr Smart is planning to take over the city of Sydney and demolish all the building and homes so he can build a bigger, better secret lab. If he succeeds in his evil plans the city will be nothing but one huge evil lab. He has already captured hundreds of people whilst demolishing the houses and buildings they once lived in. He plans on using these people to help him success with his plan. If you feel strongly about saving the people and putting a stop to Dr Smarts plans then this is the job for you. Please don’t hesitate to send in your resume with at least one written reference.

If we don’t stop him now who knows what he will do next!

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