Health and Physical Education Excursion

On Friday, 2nd November, a cohort of DECV Year 9 and Year 10 HPE students attended an activity session at Latitude Aerial, in Heidelberg.

With much anticipation, the safety rules discussed and the guidelines for the physical challenges set, our DECV students got underway – by now, all wearing Latitude’s bright yellow, pink & black grippy socks.

The activities enabled our students to experience the thrill of engaging in activities in a safe and supervised environment. Starting with a challenging high ropes course, the students completed the task eagerly and glowed at their achievement in accomplishing the course.

After this, various wall (rock) climbing challenges were on the agenda. Armed with full harnesses and safety knowledge, the students scaled a range of walls, pipes and overhangs. These didn’t just challenge them with their strength requirements, but perhaps a need to overcome a fear of heights as well. Success with the climbs created a sense of achievement and excitement amongst them.

Free bouncing time on the trampolines had many of our students showing great skills of bounce, rotation, flipping and landing. This bouncing and flying on highly sprung trampolines allowed our students to feel the freedom of ‘Air Time’.

Finally, together, the students teamed up to play an active game of Dodge Ball on the trampolines with our HPE staff. Our DECV students were all well engaged and really enjoyed a session of physical activity with their peers.







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