DECV Primary travelling students Grace (Year 6) and Olivia (Year 4) have each had poems published in ‘Cruise News’.

So far the family has sailed from Melbourne to Eden then New Zealand to Tonga.

Click here to see their work as published on page 21 of ‘Cruise News’


Passage to Minerva reef
By Olivia M (9yrs)
Day 1:
Today we are going on a 6 day sail from
Opua, New Zealand to Minerva reef, we left
on Friday the 2nd of May. I felt nervous but
also excited because we were going to have
sunshine every day, so we turned up
the music and left Opua, New Zealand.
Day 2:
Today was calm but getting rough I got sick
once or twice we caught some plankton,
and all day we could not see land this meant
we were in the middle of the ocean.
Day 3:
Today was really rough and I got sick heaps of
times but it was too rough to do plankton that
night it was even too rough to make dinner.
Day 4:
Today didn’t get any calmer I was sick a few
times but not as sick as yesterday and again we
didn’t have any dinner.
Day 5:
Today got a little calmer I didn’t get sick at all
most of the time I was down stairs watching
movies and today we did get some dinner.
Day 6:
Today we were really excited because we were
going to arrive at Minerva reef and we arrived
just before dinner.
And the best part is WE MADE IT


The deep blue sea
by Grace McIntyre (11yrs)
As I look out at the stars so bright,
While I slowly drift through the
The cold bitter wind blows through
my hair,
Will I see land? I wonder where.
There are no boats in clear sight,
As I look around at dawns light.
As the sun rises up ahead of me,
Lighting up the deep blue sea.
After 5 days of the beautiful blue sea,
Minerva reef lies in front of me.
With its shiny blue waters for all to see,
We have made it here, finally.
I swim in the waters, it was love at first sight,
I slept quite well that very night,
We had made it, me and my family,
A great big adventure in the deep blue sea.

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