Global Values at the DECV

Important work on the development of Global Values at the DECV was undertaken by teaching and education support staff in Term 1. Further consultation with the wider school community through the DECV student and parent communities has been undertaken in Term 2 and 3.  ‘Student Voice’ consultation occurred with a representative student body through a face-to-face ‘student roundtable’ and simultaneous online workshop. Parent community consultation commenced at Connect with Distance Day earlier in Term 2 and continued with an online forum facilitated by the Family School Action Team in Term 3.

We are genuinely excited to announce the final four Global Values at the DECV:

  1. Respect: Treating the feelings, opinions, wishes and rights of others with as much consideration as we would have them treat our own.
  2. Empathy: The ability to understand and share the experiences and feelings of another.
  3. Collaboration: The act or working together with someone to produce or achieve something.
  4. Growth: The ongoing process of development and improvement.


The development of a set of Global Values at the DECV has been the easy part. Bringing these values to life as part of our everyday interaction with each other (students, staff and parents/carers) will be the tricky bit. We are thoroughly looking forward to the work we will be doing with our school community over the life of the next School Strategic Plan (2019 – 2022) to live and breathe the values of respect, empathy, collaboration and growth.


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