DECV Students at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2018

During the Melbourne Writers Festival, DECV students from Years 7-10 have the opportunity to attend the Schools’ Program each year. This year, a group of students and teachers attended a range of sessions exploring diverse topics. It concluded with a Great Debate from members of the state debating team. It was stimulating, engaging and humorous.

Two of our students who attended have provided positive and enthusiastic reports of the day:

On Monday, 27th August 2018, students and teachers from DECV attended the majestical gathering known to literary nerds across the state as The Melbourne Writers Festival. It was a great day, filled with inspiring and thought-provoking sessions. These included headliners such as Alice Pung, Sammy J, the Victorian state debating team and MC Mantra to name a few.

It was a fun-filled day covering many topics including:

  • digital poetry
  • queer and racial stereotypes
  • characters in writing
  • social media authors
  • the storytelling of videogames
  • the art of satire
  • the very controversial question, ‘Is homework killing kids?’. (The answer was no, by the way.)


Overall, it was a great excursion full of fandom and in-depth conversations, as well as political points of view. Lots of movement and lots of opinions. Freethinking. Writing. Breathing. Something to live for.

Aidan K., Year 10, Student Voice


On Monday, I had the opportunity to go to the Melbourne Writers Festival. There were a few laughs here and there, and many learning opportunities. In fact, it was so fun and motivating, I decided to write a short piece for the e-newsletter (actually, they asked me to do it).

All jokes aside, I learnt about a new genre: satire writing. Satire writing is mainly sarcastic in style but usually gives a strong opinion about one or more topics. Who would have thought a writers festival could be so fun! I really enjoyed this experience.

Alex D., Year 8

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