DECV/Melbourne Theatre Company Drama Project 2018

The collaboration between DECV and Melbourne Theatre Company continued in 2018. Years 7 – 9 students were invited to be part of this project. Company 2018 hosted Nola and the Galaxy Games on Friday, 30th November at Melbourne Theatre Company HQ.

Leading artist, Jenni Medway, guided the creative efforts of the students in collaboration with the Drama teachers at DECV. The students also worked with MTC Designer, Jacob Battista. We explored the concepts of alienation, vulnerability and decision-making. A very different performance to last year’s inaugural piece took shape which was very exciting!

Here is what some of our students had to say:

“I just learned that I find performing really fun, and I can step into new situations easier than I thought.”

“I enjoyed the workshops the most, as they allowed me to join in with the class more, and for me to meet my classmates face-to-face.”

“I learnt that I was, somewhat, a bit more confident.”

“I really enjoyed this semester of drama.”

“I thought I would’ve preferred to do designing but I ended up loving having a role.”

“I got nervous… and maybe halfway through I wasn’t nervous anymore.”

“I will take [with me] all the friendships I made, and I feel like I connected with everyone at the workshops.”

“[Drama] helped me trust myself a bit more.”

“[Drama] has made me feel more positive.”


Banner (above) and thumbnail art by Tia M, Year 8

Art work below is by Kristie M, Year 8





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