DECV 2018 Years F-12 Awards Ceremony

Students, parents and carers are invited to attend the 2018 Years F-12 Awards Ceremony on Monday, 17th December. This event will be held at the Performing Arts Centre at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar. The purpose of the day is to recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of our students across F-12 in 2018.

The schedule of events on the day is as follows:
• 12.15pm-12.45pm: Arrival and seating
• 1.00pm- 4.00pm: Years F-12 Awards presentation (including Grade 6 Graduation) and student entertainment

Awards include:

– F-10 Academic Achievement Awards
– F-10 Effort Awards
– Student Voice Awards
– Sharon Jones AEU award
– 2018 DUX of DECV
– Margaret Jesse Black Trust Grants
– Year 11/12 Subject Awards

Entertainment includes:

– Singing
– Dancing
– Music performances
– Videos of student activities

Teachers nominated students for the Academic Achievement and Effort Awards across F-12, and we have tried to call or email all award recipients.

If you are able to attend, the next step is to provide your student details before for you can register for your free tickets. To register, please click here.

Once the form is completed, you will get a link to the registration page for the event. This is the form that will secure your tickets and will be emailed directly to you.

If you are having any difficulties in registering your tickets, please contact Allira Scott at ascott@distance.vic.edu.au

If you can’t make it – the event will be live streamed on the day at the following link: https://www.thestreamingguys.com.au/production/decv-f-12-awards/

It will be terrific to see you there as we join together to acknowledge the hard work and achievement of this year’s students!



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