Better Together Online Exam and Revision Workshop

Do you need help with upcoming VCE exams?

Year 12 students and parents are invited to DECV’s Better Together Online Exam and Revision Workshop.

Join DECV’s VCE Leadership Team, Wellbeing Co-ordinators and Learning Area Leaders in an online afternoon workshop. Discussion topics and information covered include:

  • how to be organised
  • how to revise effectively
  • the importance of taking care of yourself during revision and exams
  • using calming techniques to maximise brainpower
  • preparing yourself practically for sitting exams
  • understanding VCAA’s exam rules and regulations
  • answering your questions about exams and revision


Date: Wednesday, 17th October

Time: 2.00pm-3.30pm

To join this workshop, please click here.

Do not miss this chance to get yourself ready for revision and exams. Looking forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions about the workshop, please call or email Chrissie McMahon, Leading Teacher, Student Learning, VCE Sub-School.

Phone: 8480 0178

Email: cmcmahon@distance.vic.edu.au


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